Elder Jensen 2012-2014

Ryan was set apart at 9:30 and is officially Elder Jensen!

He will enter the MTC at 12:55 on January 11. He will spend 3 months there learning all he can about the gospel and the Korean language - keep him in your prayers! He will then travel to Daejeon, South Korea.

What an amazing experience this has been for our family. We are just so proud of him and all that he has done these past couple of months to prepare for this joyous event!


Ryan giving Isla his last "See you later" hug

In-n-out burgers

Micah's sister let us borrow their Armada (since you can only have one vehicle dropping your missionary off, so we needed one that could fit 7)  so the Hodlmair blood is UTES all the way, and the rule for any of their vehicles is that if it goes into Utah County they must sport Ute flags, magnets, etc. So we pulled up in the Ute mobile and the MTC people were loving teasing Ryan - one asked him to as we were pulling in:  "Don't they have another MTC for you people?" ha ha

sniff, sniff, there he goes!

he'll be in the MTC until March 26 so if you want to write him:
Elder Ryan Scott Jensen 
Provo MTC 
2005 N 900 E MTC Box #121
Provo UT, 84604

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Brit said...

so proud of him! He's such a great guy, and has grown so much even in just these past few months. Please let us know his address, so we can send him letters and coloring pages from the girls!