Isla Update

Isla turned 15 months old on January 1. She is just so fun to watch these days - always on the go. 

Height: 31 3/4" - 90th%
Weight: 22 lbs 12 oz - 60th%
Head: 45.5 cm - 45th%

She can turn on the tears in an instant:

Mommy: "Isla can you say cheese for me please???"

Isla: "Nooooooo!" then starts crying.

Oh yes. She even covers her mouth when she is upset. 

Do I have to remember not to smile when she turns on the alligator tears? Yes. Although, I was interrupting her reading quiet time. So technically it was my fault this time. 

She's a tall one - and is getting the hang of opening doors, and reaching anything she can off the countertops. 

Words she can say:
What's that?, Daddy, Momma, No, Nana (Grandma), Pa (Grandpa), Nose, Eye, Bel-Bu (Belly Button), Tickle Tickle Tickle, Eese (Please), Uh-oh

She signs:
More, Please, Help, Thank you, All done. 


Rebecca said...

She is soooo cute!! Don't you love how dramatic little girls can be? :) So I was talking to Ann (she's a girl in our ward and her husband used to work with Micah) and we were talking about how it would be fun to get us all together one evening for games or something. What do ya think?

Jake and Lena B. said...

that little pony tail is the cutest thing i've ever seen!!!!! ;)