Moving Blogs

I've been DREADING doing this blog move. But time has come and so we taken a big step in creating our new family blog!

I know that it's such a inconvenience - but blogger doesn't let you change your primary email address. So for the past year I've had to sign-out of my gmail account, then sign in to my blogger account - which is my old hotmail account, but was used as a gmail account for blogger (weird, right?) THEN if I needed to jump back to my gmail I had to do the whole routine of sign-in and sign-out all over again. It was getting pretty annoying.

So here's the link:


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Adam, Julianne, & Michael said...

I've been needing to do the same thing with mine... I have firefox designated for my blogger and internet explorer designated for gmail so I don't have to sign in and out, etc. It's a pain!