Family Pictures

In the process of getting our missionary sent off my family realized that we haven't had family pictures in 3 years - which means that we've added 3 members to our family: Kairie, Isla, Tiffany (4 members including our new furry niece Sheeba)

We were so excited to do a snow picture. But there was a problem - no snow. 

Not trying to be biased or anything but she's getting so stinking CUTE! I can't even describe how much we love Isla!

Kairie is pretty darn cute too ;) It must be in the genes!

So I realized I NEVER posted about my other little brother, Travis, getting married on 11.11.2011
Tiffany had beautiful colors for the Fall, the location was beautiful @ Birch Creek Golf Course in Smithfield, tons of good looking people showed up for the event!

And here's Elder Jensen, which by the way is doing amazing at the MTC! He wrote on Tuesday:

"So I was told that the MTC was a lot like prison.... well now I'm
seriously considering breaking some laws when i get back because I
love it here."

He can read, teach lessons, and pray in Korean, and says that the language is very easy to read and spell words out! His first companion is Elder Brown who is from Arizona and they get along very well!

Since time was short (and getting everyone together, plus budget) we switched in our mom and dad - ha ha, we can laugh about it now. So here's my mom's family picture:

So thank you to Jacque for taking our photos...once again!

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Wes and Dani said...

LOVE these. So cute. And Isla IS a doll, it's not just you! PS, do they make that baby coat in human size? ;-)